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Dear Students

There are various ways in which you may study our ONE YEAR DIPLOMA IN PACKAGING TECHNOLOGY.

 1.The most obvious and popular is of course by ATTENDING LECTURES - see  below for centres at which lectures are conducted, and the relevant information;

2.  By DISTANCE LEARNING - normally those students who are in the rural areas (or in Central or Northern Africa, or overseas,  where our diploma course may not be offered locally) and typically more than 50 kilometres from their nearest lecture centre;

3.   By mentor assisted SELF STUDY.  Such students are typically those who are within reach of a lecture centre but cannot for some reason attend lectures on a regular basis (work commitments, etc).  See table below for centres which offer this facility (regions holding lecture session invariably offer a self study option also, but please enquire).

(To view an explanation of how this method of study operates in practice, please click HERE)



 For detailed information or clarification please contact the lecturer / person named.

This information applies to the 2015 academic year.






Contact Person


Eastern Cape (Port Elizabeth)

Mentor Assisted Self Study

Anso Neethling

082 768 2780 /

Northern Region (Gauteng)(Johannesburg)

Printing Industries Federation Of South Africa
575 Lupton Drive
Halfway House

Mondays and Thursdays

17H00 - 19H00

2 hours each (both days)

Amith Sukhnundan (Lecturer) or Jestina Nyamutenha (Administration)

Amith - 076 510 5210
Jestina - 0788575995

Western Cape (Cape Town)

CPUT BELLVILLE CAMPUS, FOOD TECHNOLOGY BUILDING, SYMPHONY WAY, BELLVILLE. lectures will be held on Thursdays from 14h00 to 18h00.
To see maps for directions please visit downloads section (top menu)

(Phone Rosalie 021-7620935 if need be, for directions)


14H00 - 18H00

4 hours

Rosalie Duke (Education Administrator)

021 762 0935

KwaZulu Natal (Durban)

Varsity College, Westville (in the grounds of the Westville Country Club).
To see a road map please go to the DOWNLOADS menu item (top Menu) and click on "VARSITY COLLEGE DIRECTIONS".

Wednesdays and Thursdays

17H00 to 19H00, both days.
Any deviations will be notified to students.

2 x 2 hours each

Lara-Jane Venter


Border (East London)


Jill Barclay
National Education Secretary

041 5810482